Who actually eats SPAM?

Who actually eats SPAM?

“More than 90% of advanced threats come through email.” – ProofPoint

With each passing day cyber threats continue to grow and evolve with a majority of these threats coming through a business’s email.  Organizations are struggling to address the speed, volume, and complexity of threats. So how do you stop these threats from targeting your business?

Protection starts with building a multilayered defense through advanced email security.  O365 and email protection are normally not enough to prevent advanced threats and email fraud.  Advanced email security should allow you to have control over whitelisting, safe senders, block senders, and inbound/outbound email filtering.

What happens if your email is unreachable?  Your email security provider should enable an emergency inbox / Email Continuity service even when your email processor is down.  This service allows users to stay productive, sending and receiving emails avoiding disruptions to your business.

What email security solution are you using? Can you truly achieve a multilayered email security, protection, and ensure continuity with your current platform?

Megan McGeary
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