Trust but verify…

Trust but verify…

Over 70% of breaches that occur are caused by weak login credentials. 

Using the same username and password across multiple platforms provides cyber criminals an easy way into your business infrastructure. 

One way to remedy this growing problem is to use multi-Factor Authentication.  Multi-Factor authentication requires a user to approve or deny access to a system after their login credentials are entered, via a secondary form of authorization or approval, i.e. mobile device authenticator applications. 

With the growing use of cloud storage and computing, the need for multi-factor authentication increases.  Requiring a multi-layered approval process for all login attempts, allows you to protect critical business systems and data. In a world where our mobile devices are rarely out of reach, the ease of use of mobile applications to enforce authentication is a no brainer.  Enforcing multi-factor authentication through an application on a mobile device places security in the users’ hands by granting users the power to deny any unwanted access at the click of a button.

Megan McGeary
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