FAQ and Information

We look forward to speaking with you, but until we do, here are some commonly asked questions and answers.

How are your services priced?

Our IT Professional and consulting services are billed on a fixed fee model. Our monthly Cybersecurity services are priced on a per device model.

What areas do you offer services?

Our IT and Cybersecurity services are available to businesses anywhere in the United States!

Do you offer free consultations or evaluations?

Yes! We would love to work with you and your team to evaluate your current cybersecurity posture and help design a plan to improve upon it.

What size businesses do you work with?

Our Cybersecurity and IT services are available to businesses of any size, in any industry.

Where are your offices located?

Currently, we have offices in – Altoona, PA – Phoenix, AZ – York, PA

Do you offer any cloud services?

We are currently authorized partners for Microsoft and Amazon Web Services. We can work with you on any of your cloud technology needs.

What is NIST and why is it important?

NIST is the National Institute of Standards and Technology. They are a non-regulatory which is part of the United States Department of Commerce. They establish best practices in many different fields including technology.