Everything your business needs to be secure and productive.

Custom Software

Our team develops custom software solutions for web, mobile, and desktop applications that will unlock your full potential, free your business from software restrictions, and exceed client expectations.


Our clients have benefited from eliminating monthly or annual software fees, automating processes, artificial intelligence, touchless time entry systems, real-time analytics, client and content management solutions, eliminating manual spreadsheets, remote work mobile applications, and more.


We focus on developing cost-saving solutions that are designed specifically to your requirements based on how you operate reducing development time and costs. From simple to complex, small or large, we partner with you to develop and support your software and applications that mesh with your business operation’s needs, promote technology automation, and support your growth

Managed Cybersecurity and IT Support

Security Focused!

Our secure managed IT services follow the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) framework and core functions to ensure your company has all the security options needed to mitigate risk of cyber-attacks. We institute a comprehensive layered security approach with software and functions to protect your network, servers, desktops, employees and ultimately your company.


Proactive Managed Server Care

We utilize software agents to track and analyze your server activity 24/7. When a system or function fails, an alert is generated for our team to immediately investigate. Once the problem is identified, we work to remedy it — remotely at first, and with additional resources as needed.


Proactive Managed Desktop Care

Our preventive maintenance service for desktops regimentally monitors and addresses common problems experienced by desktop users. Whether it’s getting rid of viruses, attacking spyware issues or installing patches, we handle it all — in the background while your employees remain productive.


Proactive Managed Network Care

Our secure managed IT service for network infrastructure includes the highest-level solutions designed to keep your organization secure and reduce both downtime and the mean time to resolution. Service includes comprehensive threshold-based monitoring to provide notifications as network devices (Firewalls, Routers, Switches, Wireless Controllers) and services are trending toward failure and address these issues proactively. We have greater visibility into your network with real-time typology mapping of all network assets.


Scheduled Network and Security Assessments

How healthy is your overall network? On a regular basis, we’ll generate reports on the state of your systems, letting you know of potential problems that fall outside of safe parameters. With these comprehensive assessments, you’ll always have the best information for choosing the most effective response option.



Backup & Disaster Recovery Planning

Can your business sustain the loss of its data? 

Data backup is a critical part of business operations. In the event of a ransomware attack or a server failure, the recovery of your data needs to be swift and secure.


UDNI’s cloud backup is powered by Acronis; a long time leader in the data security and recovery industry. Including a true 3rd party backup for Microsoft O365 Exchange Email/Shared Mailboxes/OneDrive for true 3rd party business continuity / disaster recovery.  Provides end users real time access to all O365 OneDrive documents / files / folders / resources during a Microsoft O365 Outage / business interruption.


With copies of your data securely in the cloud, recover from a disaster is possible.


UDNI monitors your cloud backup for security and continuity, 24/7-365.

Technology Projects

Periodic technology refreshes and upgrades are necessary to keep your employees productive. UDNI can handle everything from new PC deployments to server virtualization and cloud migrations. We are partners with most major vendors including: Microsoft, Dell, and Amazon.


Microsoft 365

As an Authorized Microsoft Partner, we can help in the selection, migration, and implementation of the full suite of Microsoft 365 services.


Office 365 is an integrated experience of apps and services, designed to help you pursue your passion and grow your business. Get apps like Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and more, updated monthly with the latest features and security updates.


Use cloud-powered email to reach customers and coworkers wherever work takes you.


Collaborate in Microsoft Teams, the new hub for teamwork where you can chat, organize meetings, and share files.


Save files to OneDrive with one terabyte of online storage, allowing access across devices and on the go. Use the power of Sharepoint to collaborate and share documentation seamlessly and securely both externally and within your organization.


Run your business with the Business Apps, empowering you to manage customer scheduling, invoicing, referrals, and more, all from one place.

Hosted VOIP

Jive/GoToConnect Hosted VoIP is the easiest and most affordable option for your business phone system. Jive/GoToConnect’s cloud VoIP service helps thousands of organizations simplify how they manage their phone and conferencing setup.