Data Protection Solutions

Advanced Data Recovery and Protection in a Single Solution.

Control Costs and Simplify Management

UDNI provides data backup, replication, and recovery with a single solution.

Recover Faster

UDNI’s backup and disaster recovery solution offers near continuous access to your data with recoveries taking minutes not days.

Enhance Protection

From whole files to individual blocks of data UDNI’s backup and disaster recovery solution allows you to restore data at all levels.

Protect Your Important Data with a Comprehensive Solution

Flexible Recovery Point and Recovery Time Objectives

UDNI partners with you to establish optimal recovery points and times that meet your needs. Recover data up to 5 minutes before an interruption and be operational from a backup in minutes.

Integrated Storage Management

UDNI’s backup and disaster recovery solution cuts storage requirements. Utilize the latest deduplication and file compression methods, backing up only the data that has changed.

Universal Recovery Capabilities

UDNI is focused on keeping your business running. Restore data at any level, from a single file or individual block, to a physical or virtual machine that’s standing by.

Automated Backups Notifications and Reporting

UDNI’s approach to backup and disaster recovery offers peace of mind. Rest easy knowing that routine checks for corrupt data are preformed automatically, if a problem is found you are notified before the data is copied.