Video Solutions

Enterprise Video Surveillance Made Simple

Safeguard Employees and Customers

UDNI equips your business with the right indoor and outdoor surveillance solutions to deter theft, fraud, and vandalism.

Simplify Management

UDNI’s surveillance solutions are flexible offering the ability to monitor activity, control systems, and receive alerts from any web-enabled device.

Protect Your Business and Customers

Digital IP Video Servers

UDNI provides a host of IP video server solutions. Easily stream video over your network or give existing analog systems network connectivity.

Hybrid and Standalone Digital and Network Video Recorders

UDNI offers industry leading video recorders. Record video in full HD and view activity remotely on web-enabled devices.

Digital IP and Analog Cameras

UDNI supplies high end surveillance cameras to protect your business and customers. Capture video with cameras that offer the latest event management and intelligent video functionality.

Video Encoders and Decoders

UDNI makes mixing analog and digital surveillance equipment seamless. Migrate analog components such as cameras and cabling to a digital surveillance system using the latest video encoders and decoders.

Video Management Platforms

UDNI offers a variety of hardware, software, and hybrid video management options. Get the best performance and maximum visibility from your video surveillance system.