Voice & Unified Communications Solutions

Unified Communications

UDNI combines separate communication services creating a seamless communication and collaboration environment. This improves productivity, simplifies operations, and lowers costs.

Combining these services into a seamless communication and collaboration environment improves productivity, simplifies operations, and lowers costs.

Connect with Your Customers and Workforce Anytime, Anywhere

Unified Messaging

Give users access to voicemail, e-mail, fax and other mixed media from a single location regardless of their device.

Multimedia Services

Communicate effectively through various media such as video, audio, and images with applications that support short message services (SMS).


Provide access to scheduling, workflow, and interactive voice response (IVR) applications across your organization to help individuals and workgroups function collectively.

Real-time Communications

Enable instantaneous communication by incorporating conferencing and instant messaging with enterprise phone systems capabilities.

Business Management

Stay up to date through real-time reporting and analytic applications for unmatched visibility and awareness.

Deliver Value, Flexibility, and Efficiency Across Your Organization

Streamline Production and Development Cycles

Improve coordination between individuals with a variety of tools using the device of their choice. UC provides an effective way to tie multiple resources and locations together.

Improve Service Delivery

Ensure that your products or services arrive as scheduled. The rich collaboration features within UC allow the right resources to be identified and contacted at any time, improving process management.

Accelerate Sales Cycles

Make your sales organizations more effective with complete visibility of product and service information anytime, anywhere. UC provides real-time presence information and multiple means of communication, allowing a sales team of any size to be agile.

Expand Marketing Capabilities

Enable continuous communication and collaboration to support your marketing efforts. UC offers powerful tools that make exchanging ideas, maintaining campaign schedules and managing contacts fast, easy, and secure.

UDNI provides enterprise UC solutions with robust collaboration features and unmatched mobility.

Welcome to the Next Generation of Communications

Unify Services

UDNI’s UC solutions incorporate real-time services such as IM, presence, and voice calls with non-real-time services such as voicemail, email, and fax for better communication and collaboration.

Simplify Management

UC solutions from UDNI provide simple, effective, and automated tools to centrally manage your communications network.

Lower Costs

UDNI’s UC solutions enable everyone in your organization to access the features they need, on the device of their choice, from a single platform, lowering your total cost of ownership.

Enterprise Business Phone Systems with Robust Collaboration Tools for Unmatched Mobility

Core Applications and Features

UDNI provides an all-inclusive communications platform with the applications you need. Receive premium capabilities as standard features such as click to dial, ad hoc conferencing, enterprise IM, presence, call reporting, and more.


UDNI enables your workforce to stay connected wherever they are. Provide call control, presence management, and real time call quality monitoring for laptops, smartphones, and tablets.

Advanced Handsets and Connectivity

UDNI offers a variety of feature-rich phone handsets. Easily connect your business to the public telephone network with a wide range of wired and wireless digital IP handsets.

System Wide Reporting, Monitoring, and Business Continuity

UDNI provides dedicated support for your business communications. Ensure maximum uptime with comprehensive reporting, real-time system monitoring, secure off-site cloud backups, and failover capabilities.