Technology Services for Small and Medium Sized Businesses

Cybersecurity and Technology Services to keep your business secure and thriving.

UDNI cybersecurity

UDNI provides full service Cybersecurity services. These services include Endpoint Protection for PCs and Servers, Continuous Threat Monitoring, Automated Security Patching and Updates, and Employee Cybersecurity Training.

IT Management

UDNI’s IT Management services ensure your PCs, servers, and network equipment are secure and reliable. UDNI offers 24/7 asset monitoring and management, remote help desk services, NOC services, and proactive maintenance of your computers and servers.

Technology Consulting

With over 10 years of experience in managing business technology, UDNI has the experience to guide your business in making sound technology decisions. We provide cybersecurity consulting, IT project planning and execution, vendor selection assistance, and telecom sourcing services.

The NIST Cybersecurity Framework Five Functions

National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) established the Five Functions to serve as the backbone of Cybersecurity Standards. The UDNI CyberSecure platform is built around these standards.


UDNI will help you develop a cybersecurity risk appetite and maximize your cybersecurity efforts.


UDNI will ensure you have the appropriate safeguards in place to secure your critical systems.


UDNI provides the tools and staffing to continually monitor your systems for cybersecurity events.


UDNI provides proactive and responsive action to contain cybersecurity events.


UDNI works with your organization to develop a plan in order to recover from a cybersecurity event quickly

CyberSecure Pricing

UDNI’s CyberSecure platform is designed to be comprehensive and affordable. the pricing is based on the quantity of resources being supported and protected. Prices listed reflect standard baseline. Premium rates may apply.

  • Desktop Care
    • $ TBD Monthly
      • Unlimited Remote Help Desk Support
      • Proactive Cybersecurity Monitoring & Maintenance
      • Advanced Endpoint Protection
      • DNS / Web Filter
      • Managed Updates & Patching
      • Email Security & Continuity Service
      • Cloud Backup for Microsoft 365
      • Employee Security Awareness Training
      • DUO Multi-Factor Authentication

  • Network/ Site Care
    • $ TBD Monthly
      • Unlimited Remote Device Support & Management
      • Includes Firewalls, Switches, & Wireless
      • 24x7x365 Monitoring & Analysis
      • OS/ Firmware Patch Management
      • Security Policy Management
      • Configuration Optimization
      • Performance Monitoring

  • Server Care
    • $ TBD Monthly
      • Unlimited Remote Help Desk Support
      • Proactive Cybersecurity Monitoring & Maintenance
      • Advanced Endpoint Protection
      • Secure URL & Content Filter
      • Performance Monitoring
      • Managed Updates & Patching

  • Additional Benefits
    • $ TBD Monthly
      • Quarterly Cybersecurity Review & Risk Assessment
      • Asset Management, Reporting, & Budgeting
      • Virtual CIO Services
      • Dark Web Scanning
      • Premium On-Demand Support

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