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Cloud computing with SC//Platform

Effortless integration and user-friendliness

Discover the remarkable user-friendliness of SC//Platform, a stark contrast to the often intricate VMware systems. Designed for both seasoned IT professionals and those new to virtual environments, SC//Platform simplifies operations without sacrificing depth or functionality.

This platform streamlines virtualization management with its intuitive interface and automated processes, such as backups and resource scaling, which are perfect for organizations that lack the manpower to handle complex systems.

Cloud computing with SC//Platform

Cost efficiency redefined

The switch to SC//Platform from VMware allows significant savings without compromising performance. Unlike VMware, which can involve hefty licensing fees, SC//Platform offers an all-inclusive model that eliminates the need for separate expenditures on virtualization, storage, and backup solutions.

This not only cuts costs but also simplifies financial planning with its transparent and predictable pricing structure, making it an economically viable choice for businesses of any size.

Cloud computing with SC//Platform

Integrated backup and disaster recovery

Prepare for any contingency with SC//Platform’s built-in backup and disaster recovery capabilities. This integrated approach ensures that your data and applications are protected seamlessly and economically, eliminating the need for costly third-party solutions often associated with VMware setups.

With SC//Platform, safeguarding your business data becomes less complex and more cost-effective.

Cloud computing with SC//Platform

Adaptable and scalable infrastructure

SC//Platform is built to grow with your business. Easily expand your virtualization and storage capacities by adding more nodes without the disruptions typical of other systems. Unlike VMware’s often cumbersome scalability options, SC//Platform allows for a smooth and incremental capacity increase, enabling your infrastructure to adapt swiftly to your company’s evolving needs.

Cloud computing with SC//Platform

Superior reliability and availability

Ensure your business operations are uninterrupted with SC//Platform’s high availability and resilience features. With its advanced distributed file system and automatic failover mechanisms, it minimizes downtime even during hardware failures.

This makes it possible for even small businesses with limited IT resources to enjoy robust, enterprise-level reliability that typically requires additional setup and investment with solutions like VMware.

Cloud computing with SC//Platform

Leading the way in hyperconverged infrastructure

As the demand for efficient and scalable virtualization solutions grows, SC//Platform continues to set industry standards. Known for its innovative architecture and positive user feedback, this platform is leading the charge in transforming primary data center computing, edge computing, and virtual desktop infrastructures.

Choose SC//Platform—the smart solution for modern businesses looking to streamline and enhance their IT infrastructure.

Cloud computing with SC//Platform

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