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“The team at UDNI is relentless in pursuit of following the NIST Cybersecurity Standards best practices to help us deliver on our mission to our customers “

Ramp up operational efficiency by 25%

We fine-tune your operations, making every process sleeker and more efficient so your business runs like a dream.

Cut IT-related costs by 40%

Wave goodbye to steep IT bills. We deliver premium support that protects your wallet.

Guaranteed 99.9% uptime

Forget about downtime disruptions. With our vigilant support, your business stays online all the time.

Halve your issue resolution time

We have tech hiccups. We reduce wait times by 50%.

Welcome to Hollidaysburg
IT Support in Hollidaysburg, PA

Welcome to Hollidaysburg

Tucked in the serene landscape of Pennsylvania, Hollidaysburg shines as a beacon of heritage and a thriving hub for businesses, big and small. Yet, keeping pace can be daunting in the swiftly changing realm of technology.

Enter UDNI, your hometown hero in Hollidaysburg, PA IT support. We're not just another service provider; we're part of the Hollidaysburg fabric, deeply attuned to the unique technological needs and challenges our local businesses encounter. Our team stands ready to deliver Hollidaysburg, PA managed IT support, ensuring your network, data, and cybersecurity measures are robust, reliable, and prepared to fuel your business ambitions.

Our premier IT support services in Hollidaysburg
IT Support in Hollidaysburg, PA

Benefits of teaming up with UDNI

Choosing UDNI as your trusted Hollidaysburg, PA IT services provider brings a slew of advantages to your doorstep:

Always-on monitoring and maintenance

Fort Knox-level security

Wisdom at your fingertips
Tailor-made tech solutions
Disaster-proof your business
A partner, not just a provider
IT Support in Hollidaysburg, PA

Why UDNI stands out in Hollidaysburg IT support

UDNI is a go-to for Hollidaysburg, PA IT services, and here's why we're the best choice to help your business soar:

Your IT dream team

Bleeding-edge tech at your fingertips

Services tailored just for you

Managed services that cover all bases

Professional guidance every step of the way

Accessibility and support whenever you need

Why UDNI stands out in Hollidaysburg IT support
IT Support in Hollidaysburg, PA

Our premier Hollidaysburg, PA IT support

We're committed to providing Hollidaysburg, PA IT support specifically designed for the unique landscape of businesses. Discover our range of services tailored to meet your needs:
Benefits of teaming up with UDNI

Multi-factor authentication services

Our multi-factor authentication (MFA) services protect sensitive data and systems in an era where digital security is paramount. By requiring multiple verification forms, we ensure that only authorized users gain access, safeguarding your business against unauthorized breaches.


Technical business review (TBR)

Our technical business review is more than just a check-up; it's a comprehensive strategy session that aligns your technology with your business goals. We delve into your current tech setup, identify areas for improvement, and provide actionable insights to enhance efficiency, productivity, and security.

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Co-managed IT services

Our co-managed IT services offer the perfect solution for businesses with an IT department looking to extend their capabilities. We work alongside your existing team, providing additional expertise, resources, and support where needed most, ensuring Hollidaysburg, PA IT support operations are always at their peak.

Ness people working team

Application development

Custom applications can give you a significant edge in the digital-first business world. Our application development service turns your ideas into reality, creating bespoke software solutions tailored to your business processes, needs, and challenges, driving efficiency and innovation.

successful young bussinesswoman

Network support

The backbone of any modern business is its network. Our support services ensure your network is robust, reliable, and ready to support your business operations. From setup and maintenance to upgrades and troubleshooting, we keep your network running smoothly, ensuring seamless connectivity and communication.

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Endpoint detection and response (EDR)

In the fight against cyber threats, proactive defense is key. Our endpoint detection and response service employs cutting-edge technology to monitor your devices in real time, identifying and neutralizing threats before they can cause harm. With EDR, you can rest assured that your endpoints and data are secure.

IT Support in Hollidaysburg, PA

Industries we serve

We've tailored our services to meet the diverse demands of key sectors, ensuring that regardless of your field, you have the tech support necessary to thrive. Industries we proudly serve include:
IT Support in Hollidaysburg, PA

What you can expect from UDNI

Choosing UDNI for your Hollidaysburg, PA IT support means more than just finding a nice service provider; it's about partnering with a company deeply invested in your success. We're committed to elevating your operations with efficient, secure, and seamless technology solutions tailored to your business. 

Our outstanding team of professionals is available 24/7, equipped to tackle any challenge, regardless of size. If you're seeking Hollidaysburg, PA managed IT support that prioritizes your requirements and directly addresses your obstacles, contact us. We're committed to ensuring technology serves your needs and enhances, not hinders, your operations.
From safeguarding your data with top-tier security measures to customized IT solutions that grow with your business, we’re here to elevate your operations in Central Pennsylvania.

What you can expect from UDNI
IT Support in Hollidaysburg, PA


In our commitment to excellence and reliability in Hollidaysburg, PA IT support, UDNI is proud to be recognized as a Certified Solutions Provider and even earned the CompTIA Security Trustmark+. These accreditations affirm our dedication to delivering secure, high-quality IT solutions and services, ensuring our clients receive the best in industry-standard practices and security measures.

IT Support in Hollidaysburg, PA

Awards and recognition

UDNI's unwavering commitment to delivering Hollidaysburg, PA managed IT support service has garnered significant accolades. Our clients often laud our rapid response times and effective solutions, highlighting our dedication to resolving IT challenges and ensuring their businesses' enduring security and prosperity.

Our team takes pride in these recognitions, seeing them as a testament to our relentless pursuit of excellence in IT services.

Awards and recognition


Experience the difference with UDNI – but don't just take our word for it. Listen to the stories of our satisfied clients and understand why our Hollidaysburg, PA IT support services stand out:

“UDNI has adopted a true sense of the importance of the interactions between our regulated industry business-critical toolsets, our IT systems, the security therein, and the continuity thereof in our day-to-day operations.”

Frederick Accounting PC

“UDNI helped us update our technology so that we feel safer as we try to traverse today’s turbulent cyber threat landscape with UDNI at the wheel. “

The DelGrosso Family of Companies

“The team at UDNI is relentless in pursuit of following the NIST Cybersecurity Standards best practices to help us deliver on our mission to our customers“

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IT Support in Hollidaysburg, PA

Next steps

Ready to take your IT to the next level with UDNI? Whether you're looking to enhance your cybersecurity, streamline your operations, or embark on a digital transformation journey, we're here to help.

Reach out to us through our contact form or give us a call. Let's explore how we can move forward together, crafting a technology roadmap tailored to your needs and goals.

IT Support in Hollidaysburg, PA

Local presence

As UDNI deeply values and actively supports our community's technological and business growth, we're proud to spotlight three pivotal organizations within a 10-mile radius of Hollidaysburg. These institutions significantly contribute to the MSP and broader technology sectors, bolstering local innovation and development.

Our blogs

We are dedicated to sharing our expertise and insights generously, providing you with practical IT strategies, best practices, and the latest trends.

IT Support in Hollidaysburg, PA

Ensuring your satisfaction

We stand firmly behind the quality and effectiveness of our Hollidaysburg, PA IT support. Our commitment extends beyond mere solutions; we're dedicated to fostering long-term partnerships based on trust, reliability, and mutual success.

We ensure that every interaction and solution meets and exceeds your expectations, securing your business's operational excellence and growth in Hollidaysburg and beyond.

Satisfaction guaranteed
IT Support in Hollidaysburg, PA

External resources

For those in our community looking to deepen their understanding of technology or find additional support services, we've compiled a list of valuable local resources within a 30-mile radius of Hollidaysburg, Pennsylvania:


Penn State Altoona - Sheetz Center for Entrepreneurial Excellence:
Offering resources and programs for entrepreneurs, including those in the tech sector, to innovate and grow. A great place for networking and finding educational opportunities to enhance your business acumen.


Blair County Chamber of Commerce - Technology Committee:
The Blair County Chamber of Commerce's Technology Committee promotes technology within the local business community. They offer various resources, including seminars, workshops, and networking events, to help business owners leverage technology to enhance their operations.


Southern Alleghenies Planning & Development Commission:
The Southern Alleghenies Planning & Development Commission provides comprehensive economic development services in the region, including technology innovation support. They offer programs and initiatives to foster technological advancement and digital literacy among local businesses, making them a valuable resource for businesses looking to enhance their technological capabilities.

Recycling and charity
IT Support in Hollidaysburg, PA

Recycling and charity

Committed to sustainability and community engagement, the team at UDNI, a Hollidaysburg, PA managed IT support provider, actively engages in electronic recycling efforts and charitable activities within the local area.

We advocate for businesses to join us in promoting a healthier planet by carefully recycling obsolete technology.

Unlock your business potential with UDNI

Embark on a journey to technological empowerment with UDNI, where we offer more than just Hollidaysburg, PA IT support. With us, you gain a service provider and a devoted partner fully committed to your satisfaction and triumph.

The future of your business operations can be smoother, more efficient, and brimming with innovation, starting now. Contact us today, and let us put advanced technology solutions within your grasp. Your success isn't just a goal; it's our promise.

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