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“The team at UDNI is relentless in pursuit of following the NIST Cybersecurity Standards best practices to help us deliver on our mission to our customers “

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Welcome to Johnstown, PA

Introduction to Johnstown, PA

Welcome to Johnstown, PA, where UDNI offers exceptional Johnstown, PA, IT support services. Our commitment to great service ensures that every user receives affordable computer support.

At UDNI, we believe that computer support should be affordable for all businesses in Johnstown.

Benefits of choosing our technology solutions

Features of Johnstown, PA IT support

Managed IT

Professional IT services

IT security

Personalized support

Local expertise, global standards

Future-ready solutions

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Our comprehensive technical support services

We offer a comprehensive suite of Johnstown, PA, IT services designed to address your business needs and ensure seamless operations. Our range of services includes:

Multi-factor authentication services

IDPS: Intrusion detection and prevention systems

Virtual CIO services
Technical business review (TBR)
Co-managed IT services Johnstown, PA
IT helpdesk & support
Proactive maintenance
Status monitoring

Business solutions delivered by our expert support technicians

With us, you're getting more than just Johnstown, PA, IT support. Experience the difference with UDNI and take your business to the next level. With us, you're getting:

  • Benefit from our team's extensive experience and technical proficiency.

  • Ensure the safety and integrity of your data with our robust security measures.

  • Count on us for prompt and dependable support whenever you need it.

  • Stay ahead of the curve with our proactive approach to technology.

  • Rest easy knowing that your IT needs are in good hands with us.

Computer services provided by UDNI in PA


Hear from our satisfied clients:

“UDNI has adopted a true sense of the importance of the interactions between our regulated industry business-critical toolsets, our IT systems, the security therein, and the continuity thereof in our day-to-day operations.”

Frederick Accounting PC

“UDNI helped us update our technology so that we feel safer as we try to traverse today’s turbulent cyber threat landscape with UDNI at the wheel. “

The DelGrosso Family of Companies

“The team at UDNI is relentless in pursuit of following the NIST Cybersecurity Standards best practices to help us deliver on our mission to our customers“

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Senior support technicians at your service

Ready to elevate your business with us? Our team of specialists, supported by our dedicated support team, is ready to address your IT needs efficiently and effectively.

Reach out to us by phone at (814) 631-1700 or our contact form, and let's find the right way to move forward together.

Reliable technology systems supported by expert network administrators

Stay connected with our IT solutions, backed by our satisfaction guarantee. Our help desk specialists ensure timely assistance with affordable computer support, whether it's for laptops, computer laboratories, or Lenovo equipment. We recommend reliable technology systems, all supported by expert network administrators, to meet your needs in 2024 and beyond.

Exploring opportunities and resources in Johnstown, PA

We believe in empowering our clients with valuable information and resources to make informed decisions and protect their technology and business. Here are some links in the Johnstown, PA area to help you stay informed:


Johnstown Chamber of Commerce:
Access resources, events, and networking opportunities aimed at supporting local businesses and fostering economic growth.


Indeed - Jobs in Johnstown, PA:
Discover a wide range of job opportunities in various industries in the Johnstown area, including IT and technology-related positions.


Johnstown Public Library:
Access digital resources, workshops, and educational materials to support lifelong learning and professional development.


Johnstown Regional Innovation Center:
Learn about innovation initiatives, technology incubation programs, and entrepreneurial resources to support business innovation and growth.

Connect seamlessly with State College IT technician support

Recycling/charity organizations


Johnstown Area Heritage Association:
Learn about local efforts to preserve Johnstown's rich heritage and support community initiatives.


Johnstown, PA, nonprofits and charities:
Johnstown, PA, is home to a vibrant community of nonprofits and charities dedicated to making a positive impact on the local area.

Partnering for success with our help desk specialist services

Ready to take proactive measures to protect your technology and business? Contact us by phone (814) 631-1700 today to learn more about our comprehensive IT solutions and how we can help your business thrive in the digital age. Let's partner together for success.

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